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Berry Rainbow Tie Dye Rayon
Berry Rainbow Tie Dye Rayon

Berry Rainbow Tie Dye Rayon

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Butter soft and beautifully flowy, this rayon is my personal favorite fabric to wear. The Berry Rainbow version is juicy and rich, like berry-stained fingers after a summer afternoon of filling our bellies with fresh fruit. The highly pigmented hues look a bit mystical too, and feel divine against your skin. 

Supremely wearable, this generously sized piece gives you plenty to work with for a comfy, pretty clothing item, blanket, or even wall decor!

Sold by the piece! Each piece is 3 yards by 58 inches wide (108” X 58”) and has a simple narrow finished edge. 

100% hand dyed rayon

Fabric is double sided/true tie dye method with full pigment on the front and back side of the fabric so there is no real “wrong” side. 

Dress is a Gin Martini Designs original. Modeled by Priscilla Peach and Photographed by 713PhotoFocus.