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Bali batik-50010-Black #1

Bali batik-50010-Black #1

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1/2 yard 18 X 42 inches

This is a deep rich black, and very saturated.  If you want more than 1/2 yard, put quantity in half yard amounts and we will cut continuous yardage. 

Our batiks are made with a higher quality cotton, and the dyes are more saturated and thicker.  I have some batiks from many of the big name batik companies and there is a big and better difference with ours.  The solid black that we carry has been brought to our attention by many of the customers that are using it.  Here is a description from one– “The black is a deep saturation of color for the deepest black.  The lush depth of color is locked into the densely woven fabric.  The hand of the cotton is full and rich.  The color holds and adds a depth and a pop to help your projects shine.  I use a lot of black fabrics in my projects and once I found this black, no other will do.  The integrity of the fabric is rich and dense.  It is the blackest of black and the colors holds.  As long as I can get this black, I won’t consider any other’”NCSimpson-Bunt