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Mt Fuji Jacket  00401
Mt Fuji Jacket  00401
Mt Fuji Jacket  00401

Mt Fuji Jacket 00401

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Love, love, love this pattern!  Kimono style patterns allow freedom of movement with style.  Play around with the number of panels or make it in only one fabric.  This is lovely in any kind of fabrics, not just Asian.  The sleeves are slight smaller around and shorter.  This prevents from the sleeves catching on items.  Brensan patterns are more fitted so they run smaller than most patterns, however this patterns is roomer. 

I have been given rights to print this discontinued line.  Currently, you can buy them only from me and another person that I sell to.


Also shown-Black and white jacket made with 2 designs of burma batik and another with indigo cotton and Teen Jok weaving.