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SILK Laos Weaving #17
SILK Laos Weaving #17
SILK Laos Weaving #17
SILK Laos Weaving #17

SILK Laos Weaving #17

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Look at this luscious design woven with silk.  This is already finished off for a skirt.  The deep maroon background, really make the silk stand out!  

Look closely at the weaving called teen jok from Laos.  This is a technique where one thread is on the warp of a loom.  They have a tool that looks like a crochet hook that pulls each weft thread, in a pattern one by one row.  This is rated one of my top fabrics that I am amazed at the technique!

They make these as their skirts so there are 2 identical pieces to this fabric.  You can buy one or both parts.  Price is for one side, so put 2 for quantity if you want both sides. 

One side approximate measurement- 30 in wide X 41 in long   Design about 23 in

Photos shows the technique. 

Models-Blue Mt Fuji pattern  Black Town and Country Tunic