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Thai Silk-Coral #1-4
Thai Silk-Coral #1-4
Thai Silk-Coral #1-4
Thai Silk-Coral #1-4

Thai Silk-Coral #1-4

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I love silks because the colors are vibrant and deeply saturated with a wonderous sheen. There is wonderful light play when you change the direction of the silk-even just a little bit.  There is a combination of the smooth and rough (dupioni) silk.  Photos of quilts made with Thai silk are shown.

For doing any kind of piece work, try our silk fusing.  It is what the Thai sewists use.  No one can beat our price of $6.50 for a 39 X 60.  See product in accessories. 

Size is 1/4 yd (9 inches) X 40.  

Color numbers are from left to right.  

***More clarification on colors-#1-more orangy, and brighter than photo

#2-More true coral #3-4-smooth silk with more pink tones